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Pop Daddy Pretzels $ 4.00 each

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Pop Daddy was born out of the passion—some would say obsession—that Pop Daddy Founder Mark Sarafa had for microwave popcorn. Mark and his family were eating microwave popcorn almost every evening when he decided to do some research. When he learned about the chemicals used in microwave popcorn and a disease called “popcorn lung” linked to microwave popcorn, he realized he needed to find a new, healthier way to feed his family’s addiction!

Mark bought a large popcorn machine and started experimenting with different kernels and flavors in his basement, passing out his popcorn to friends, family, and neighbors. Since you’re reading this on Pop Daddy’s website, you may have already guessed that the popcorn was a big hit!

Mark was thrilled his popcorn was so popular, and after two years of giving away his popcorn for free, his wife Erin, and two kids, J.T. and Grace, suggested he sell it. In 2013, Pop Daddy became Mark’s full time job, with the idea of Bold Snacks made with Big Heart becoming the backbone of the company. Soon after, Pop Daddy moved into its very own licensed shop in Highland, MI.

“My wife and kids are Pop Daddy’s biggest supporters,” says Mark. The family helps with the selling, labelling, popping, and packaging of Pop Daddy popcorn and pretzels. Of course, quality assurance (taste testing!) remains their favorite part of the job.

Today, Pop Daddy Popcorn and Pretzels are located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan