About Us


My wife and I started with a dream in 2016 when we purchased an old roadside fruit and vegetable stand.  The dream was simple in that we wanted to capture the very essence of what it is to be a Michigander. So, we stuck to our roots, and designed a business plan that would help showcase some of our State's most unique products. Products that are locally grown, and made by small to midsize farmers, and artisans alike. Products that will not be on the radar of your big box chain retailers. 

Both of us being small town kids from Owosso, MI with a passion for "Up North" shops, vintage stores, and memories of simpler times helped to mold our vision for what we now know as the Copper Top Country Store. A place where nostalgia and convenience cross paths. A place that embodies the spirit of all hard-working Michiganders. 

Be Loyal. Shop Local. 


Brandon & Melissa